Spectators and supporters

* Please note that the online ticket sale has closed since September 23. You can buy (more) tickets at the OEC entrance.

We would like to invite everyone in Holland and abroad to come and visit the OEC. There will be many top class competitors from over 15 different countries showing their routines, working with all kinds of dog breeds. A visit to the OEC will definitely be worth it!

There will be a small entrance fee for spectators (including supporters) who want to come and watch the show. This will help us cover the costs of organizing this big event.

Tickets for the OEC cost 5 EURO per day (Saturday and Sunday; entrance is free on Friday, the training day).

If you want to make sure there is a place for you on the audience benches you can best order your ticket in advance. You can order your ticket by sending an e-mail with your request to estherniemeijer@hotmail.com. Please mention your name and country. You can transfer your payment to the OEC account (see details below).

Once we have received your payment we will send you your ticket by e-mail, for you to print out and to take with you to the OEC. 

Tickets will also be sold on the spot.

Of course, competitors (including reserves) and Team leaders will receive free tickets to the OEC, for both days.

We ask spectators NOT to bring their dogs to the OEC location, unless absolutely necessary. Dogs in the audience will not be allowed near the competition ring. They will only be allowed next to the warm-up ring. If the dog causes a disturbance (whining, barking, etc) you will be asked to take it elsewhere. Remember that all foreign dogs present at the OEC must be vaccinated for rabies.

Bank: Rabobank, Emmeloord, Netherlands
Account number: 1502.60.822
Account name: N.D.D.B., Emmeloord, Netherlands
Account owner: G.M.C. Oerlemans, Bant, Netherlands
IBAN: NL05RABO0150260822

Please mention “OEC ticket” and your name and country in the description.


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