Team Sweden introduces themselves:

Ulrika Persson (HTM)


When I first desided to get me a Dobermann, I thought about competing in obidience and nordic working test like tracking. But offcourse I was training some freestyle tricks whit my pup… And when she was one year old I was following a friend to a freestyle competition, and I also dicided to start. We came in second place and so it started. I also started to train some heelwork and suddenly we were a member in the swedish team 2011, 2012 and also 2013.

My dog is a little bit crazy in a funny good way. She is full of charm and loves putting on a good show. Exept for freestyle and heelwork to music we also compete in obedience, tracking and rallyobidience.

Some words about me… Well… I have Diva and also a miniature pinscher. I work with dogs 24/7, have courses and privat lessons but my real occupation is as an animal caretaker at the animal hospital.


Sabine Astrom (HTM)

Bild Sabine

My name is Sabine Astrom and lives in northern Sweden. On the OEC I will compete with my Australian Kelpie Iver. He is a happy, serious, high motivated young dog who loves to be active! In this moment, he is only 18 months old, so that we are going to compete on OEC feels completely unreal to me.

The 30 March this year, when he was 12 ½ months old, we tested to compete in heelwork to music for the very first time, we won one start and was placed second in the second start and was promoted to class 2. A week later, we made our first start I class 3 with an improvised routine. We won again (!) and became promoted to class 3 (highest class in Sweden). In June, less than three months after our very first start/debut in heelwork to music we had received the highest title in heelwork to music you can get in Sweden (HTMIII) and was selected for the Swedish national team.

My “heelwork dream” with Iver before we ever competed in HtM, if he would continue to love heelwork, was later in 2013 to be ready to start in Class 2, and in 2014 maybe be able to start the class 3 … So the fact that we are now planning for our first championship together feels completely unreal and unbelievable! Most importantly, we always had worked as a team, no matter if we are training or competing.

We are also competing in rally obedience where we are up in the advanced class (second highest class) and competed in freestyle at a club championship. But Iver do much more than just training and competing! It’s everything from hang out with me on various adventures, to play with his dog friends on a field.

We will take this OEC as an experience for the future, see it as an awesome adventure together and most importantly, have fun together and a great time in the ring. Everything else is a bonus!

Iver and I are really look forward to seeing you all in Burgum! We wish you all a wonderful time at the OEC!!!

Susann Wastenson (HTM)


My name is Susann Wastenson and I am a member of the Swedish HTM- team together with Frodo. Frodo is a nine year old Border collie. He lives with me, my husband, two other Border collies, sheeps and a cat.

We started training HTM when he was six years old. He has also competed in obedience and herding.

Frodo and I are so proud to represent Sweden in the OEC.

Linda Tolkki (HTM Reserve)



My name is Linda Tolkki and I compete with my 6 year old male Aussie Grizzly. This is our third year in the Swedish HtM team.

We started to train and compete HtM in 2010. I planned to start training freestyle but ended up with HtM 🙂

Last year we had a very different competition season. The best was that we went to World Championships in Salzburg and had a great competition. And I got a babygirl. After having giving birth I had complications that made impossible for me to compete for 8 months. But now we are fit for fight and looking forward to compete again!

Grizzly loves the training and the work as long as it involves me. He is very gentle and has always been a little bit precociuos.

We are really looking forward to OEC in Burgum. Hope seeing you all soon! Good Luck everyone!

// Linda and Grizzly

Carina Persson (HTM & Freestyle)


My name is Carina Persson. I live together with Goran and our 2 dogs Pop and Hugo in a small cottage just outside Stockholm. Pop is a 5 year old border collie and Hugo is a 4 year old Rottweiler. Pop and I are herding sheep and training both freestyle and HTM. Hugo is unfortunately not so fit and can only train a little. I have been working professionally with dogs for 16 years now. I have both training groupes and give private leassons for dogs with behaving problems. Both Pop and Hugo is of great help in my daily work with other dogs. Pop and I compete in both Freestyle and HTM in advanced class. We have been members of the Swedish team in both disciplines 2012 and 2013 and also represented Sweden at Crufts 2013.

Sandra Kagevik (Freestyle)


My name is Sandra Kagevik and I will participate at the OEC with my Golden Retriever Thyra, FDI FDII HTMI LPI LPII LPIII LPELIT SE FREECH SE LCH FI LCH Höstglädjens Golden Dream.

Thyra is 9 years old. After having competing obedience for several years and been qualified for four Swedish Championships, we wanted to try something new. Early in 2011 we went to a beginner’s course in freestyle, and in April the same year we made our debut in class I. We have competed in class III since spring of 2012.

Last year Thyra became Swedish freestyle champion, and we qualified for the Swedish Championship 2012 and Agria Freestyle Elite Challenge 2012. We were invited to the national team in the beginning of this year, so this will be our first international Championship! It is a great honor to be involved and representing Sweden, and we will enjoy every minute of this exciting journey!

Thyra is a real allround dog, and besides obedience and freestyle we have also competed in field trials, working trials (track) and heelwork to music.

Lovisa Andersson (Freestyle)


My name is Lovisa Andersson. I am 21 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first time I’m competing in the Swedish national freestyle team.

I will compete with my dog Trolla. Trolla is 5 years old mix between Bordercollie, German shepherd, Irish setter, Labrador retriver and Terveuren. Her father is a Bordercollie and you can say she got the most from him 😉 Trolla is my first dog and we have been competing in freestyle since 2010. Our biggest competing experience was when we took silver in the Swedish championship in 2012.

Except freestyle we also compete in advance class in agility. Trolla is a wonderful dog always happy and with a lot of energy! She is the best workmate and a loyal friend and I love to spend most of my time with her. At home I also got an 19 months old bordercollie from Norway named My Trusted Friend Go Odd Molly. She is our family clown always ready to play.

It is a big honour for us to be in the team and we hope to have a really good time at the OEC! And we wish all the other competitors the very best of luck!!

Nathalie Starner (Freestyle)


FD1 FD2 SE FREECH Wenarjas Spirit of Ayax (Ayax) is my first working dog, and he is a 3,5 year old kooikerhondje. I was already interested in freestyle at the time Ayax was a puppy, so we have continuously trained freestyle from the beginning. We have participated in several freestyle classes and workshops for instructors such as Karen Sykes and Kath Hardman. We have also participated in some shows, and we qualified for the youth Agria freestyle cup in 2011 and Agria freestyle elite challenge 2012. Ayax is a Swedish freestyle champion and we also compete in the highest agility class.

We have been competing elitefreestyle for 1 year now and this is our first international championship competition. I think it is a great honor to be chosen to represent Sweden and I believe it will be a great experience to participate in the OEC! And no matter the outcome – I hope me and Ayax will have a wonderful time in Holland!


Linnéa Vejde (Freestyle Reserve)


Zolo is a dog with a lot of personality. Having the opportunity to getting to know him have been a real privilege for me. The best thing he knows is eating grass, swimming and playing with the toy after training.

Zolo and I have been training freestyle for five years – and we really enjoy it! Zolo is an Australian Shepherd, and a Swedish Freestyle Champion. We came second on the Nordic Championship 2012 and won Agria Freestyle Elite Challenge 2011.

I am looking forward to see all your routines at the OEC – Good luck!!!



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