And here is our own Team Holland:

Sofie Greven (HTM)

Rosie 2013 2

My name is Sofie Greven and my dog is a twelve year old Border Collie called Rosie (Detania Herfst Roos). The first time I competed in heelwork to music was in 2000. I’m really addicted to heelwork to music , it’s a wonderfull dogsport.

In 2001 I went to England to Detania and I fell in love with Rosie. Since then Rosie is my beloved companion. Rosie is a wonderfull dog, she loves to play/ work with me and I love to train with her.

I’m very happy that Rosie and I can represent Holland at the OEC. I’m looking forward to meet all the other dog dancers and see their routines. I wish all the other competitors Good Luck.

Esther Niemeijer (HTM)


My name is Esther and I live in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, with my 4 dogs. I have 2 Aussies, Jody (4) and her daughter Alice (6 months), and 2 Shelties, Jamie (9) and Yuna (1,5). Quite the zoo.

This OEC I am competing with Jody. We are competing in HTM and I hope to show you all what we are capable off! We have already competed at the OEC in Prague and at the WC in Austria, in both Freestyle and HTM. Due to me being one of the organisors of the OEC this year I have decided to only enter in HTM this year (a little less stress, haha). Jody had a litter of 8 beautiful puppies in January, so we have only just began training again, but we still have a few weeks… brrr.

I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at the OEC in my home country! Good luck and enjoy yourselves! Happy Dancing!

Marina Delsink (HTM)


My name is Marina Delsink and I will compete with my 5 year old Tervueren male Gwydion. We are part of the Dutch HTM team for the third time (WC Salzburg, OEC Prague). I started dogdance 7 years ago with my Groenendaler Cheb. Cheb loved heelwork, so it became our main sport. Due to several health issues we lost him a few months ago. But without him I would not have been where I am now and I will always be very grateful to him.

Gwydion started HTM 2 years ago and became a very reliable dog. He really is my partner,always very focused on me. It is a privilege to be able to dance with this wonderful dog. He is also a very fast and accurate agility dog. And … a dad of 7 beautiful puppies, at the moment of writing, only 5 weeks old. He is a very relaxed boy, who loves all kind of activities.

I am looking forward to this very special OEC in my home country. Not only to compete, but also to enjoy all the fabulous routines of the other participants. I think it’s great for the Dutch Dogdancers they have the opportunity to see all these tophandlers and topdogs from all over the world live in their own country!!

I wish you all a safe trip and a wonderful time in Holland and a great time in the ring, together with your dog!

Marina & Gwydion

Brigitte van Gestel (HTM and Freestyle)


It’s such a great pleasure to be in the Dutch National team again. For the third time we will be representing Holland in both Heelwork to music as Freestyle. Last year Djuna and I even made it up to the finals….Hope we can do it again! Working Djuna in the ring is such a joy, you can see ( and hear, he,he) she loves to dance. We wish all handlers and dogs a great time at the OEC, this year held in our own beautiful Country. Enjoy your time!

Grietje Wagenaar (Freestyle)


My Name is Grietje Wagenaar. OEC 2013: Being one of the organisers, and belonging to the Dutch Team selection, will be a hard task. But it is very special to organise and compete during an OEC in my own home town.

I live in Burgum, with my husband, two children – a boy and a girl – and 5 dogs, a Shi Tzu, Papillon and 3 border Collies. Floris is the dog that I compete with, in the Freestyle division, he is a very high motivated dog and can be very explosive, working with him is always a challenge. I like his style and energy, it makes me happy.

I wish everybody a very good time in Friesland during the OEC 2013, and my advice is: enjoy every second as much as possible! Let’s make it unforgettable.

Marian Smit (Freestyle)


My name is Marian Smit and my dog is a eight years old Border Collie Sindy. I do dogdance since 2007. In 2010 (WC Denmark) and 2011 (OEC Denmark) I was supporter with the Dutch team . This year we are part of the Dutch Freestyle team! I am very happy with that!

I’ve been looking forward to see all the beautiful routines! Everybody enjoy are time in the ring with your dog!

See you soon!

Marian and Sindy

Tanja Leblanc (HTM reserve)

Tanja Chendo9 - kopie

Hi my name is Tanja Leblanc and together with my 4 year old Rottweiler Out of the Blue (aka Chendo) we are reserve for the Dutch team in HTM. In my second quality I will be acting as coach of the Dutch Dog Dance team. I felt honoured when I was asked to take this task upon me. 

I started Dog Dancing with Faith, my by now 9 year old Rottweiler. Due to severe HD we had to stop about two years ago. Meanwhile I got Chendo and with him I have participated at the OEC in Denmark 2011 and the World Championship in Austria 2012. Most important for us is to have fun during training and competition.

We are very pleased to have made it to the selection of this years OEC in our home country. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everybody and wish you best of luck.

See you in Burgum!

Bregtje Hut (Freestyle)


My name is Bregtje Hut, i live in Leeuwarden and have thee dogs. At the OEC i Will complete with Troy, a border collie of 4 years old. Troy is my first dog and we started dogdance together. Our favorite is the freestyle in which we will compete this year. We are really looking forward to meeting everyone in Burgum this year.



4 thoughts on “Holland”

  1. anja en tess said:

    Lots of success girls. So sorry that I cannot be here to cheer for you !

  2. Can’t wait to come and support team Holland!!!!!!

  3. I’ll be there to support you (team Holland) with heart and send good vibes 🙂

    Go for it


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