The participants from Germany introduce themselves here. There will be a team from Germany ( team), and also an Individual participant for the HTM competition and an Individual reserve for the Freestyle competition.

The German team:


Beate Lambrecht (Freestyle)


I’m Beate Lambrecht from the beautiful “Eifel” region in Germany and here is my 5 year old border collie girl Foglyn.

I did Dogdance with my other dogs as well, but only Foglyn loves competitions. We only do 2 or 3 competitions a year. All the more we are happy to dance at the OEC and are looking forward having fun with all the other dancers – the two- and four-legged ones…

Good luck and a nice time to everyone!

Lisa Joachimsky (Freestyle + HTM)


My name is Lisa and I am very proud of my little Fox for qualifying for OEC 2013 in the Netherlands. Because of the German qualification system we will be performing in Freestyle and HTM.

Foxi was rescued from the streets of Spain and came to Germnay when she was about 9 months old. At the beginning she was very anxious of everything but other dogs. In daily life she had to learn a lot but had a good teacher, Emmi Deluxe my Parson Russell Terrier which is very balanced in life 😉

Since her very first days with me she loved obedience training and tricks more than Agility. She learned and still learns tricks very easily. She soon showed me, that she loves dancing. And so we ended up with our first dogdance routine four years ago… time went on and here we are, competing for team Germany on the OEC 2013.

In my “normal life” I am a social worker, I do training with teens and adults who are searching a job. Dogs are the main theme of my after work life. Me and my boyfriend have four dogs, all Terriers: Emmi Deluxe, my Parson Russell Terrier is 9 years old and is the oldest. She is an active Agility Dog and does Tricks and Dogdance only in “part time”. Foxi, 8 years old, is my Spanish-Special-Product 😉 she is my one and only dancedog… Leon, 7 years old, is the hunting dog of my boyfriend; he is some kind of German Terrier breed called “Westfalenterrier”. With 5 years the youngest one is Cliffi, also Westfalenterrier, he originally was preferred to be hunting dog but that was not enough for him, so he started to train with me and is competing in different dog sports with me for about one and a half year now.

I have to say, that I am very proud and very happy to be in the German Dogdance Team for OEC. I am sure, Foxi will give her very best! She always does… Hopefully I can keep up with her 😉

I wish everyone a wonderful time of preparation and training, lots of fun with their dogs and an extraordinary time in Burgum Netherlands. I am looking very forward to seeing you all.

Melanie Felix (Freestyle)


My name is Melanie and I am dancing with my four-year-old Border Collie female Julie (Indian she is called only in pedigree). We do dogdance since Julie was a little puppy. Working together and imagine new elements for our training is the very best for both of us.

We love dancing because it never gets boring. At competitions Julie is always fully concentrated and involved and she enjoys the applause in the end of her choreography. The german OEC qualification in spring was our first participation in class 3 (highest dogdance class in Germany) so we are extra proud to join the German team.

We look forward to coming to the Netherlands, to seeing lots of amazing routines and to meeting lots of new people and their dogs who love dogdance as much as we do.

We wish good luck to all teams, to have lots of fun, a wonderful time and to be successful.

Monika Gehrke (Freestyle + HTM)


My hobby is to work with my three Border Collies Henry, Jette and Gigolo Jan. I do dogdance with Jette since 2002, Jan joined us in 2005. This sport allowed me to travel a lot within whole Europe and to meet like-minded people, much of them I’m proud to call my friends now.

Gigolo Jan has a mother from the Netherlands and a Scottish father. He inherited all behavior you expect for a Border Collie… except for herding, he does not like to do it ;-). Therefore an activity like dogdance is so important for him to do. Playing Frisbee is one of his favorites and swimming is his biggest passion. For this reason we like traveling to the North See, were Gigolo Jan is allowed to run on the beach and in the water all the day.

I am very happy to participate in OEC in the country Jan was born and I wish a great time to all the visitors and participants of the OEC 2013 in Burgum.

Anja Jakob (HTM)

anja j

“Merlin“ and me love dancing together. He is a five year old Border Collie and was sort of born into dancing shoes. Because the niece of his breeder named him “Dancing little Shadow of fast crazy Fly”.

Merlin is a power-package, he is in good spirits all the time and he is my little sunshine. We successfully competed together at many Dogdance, “Treibball” and Trickdog challenges. He loves working with me – no matter what, main point we do it together 😉

Merlin’s favorite hobbies beside Dogdance are “Treibball”, Dogscooting and Dog-Frisbee.

In our little pack there are currently four dogs. “Mogli” is ten years old and came to me from animal welfare when he was 6 months old. He is a Romanian mixed breed, and has been very anxious and traumatized. I learned much from him, and still do. Because he is very uncertain and doesn´t like crowds of people he is not a friend of competitions.

“Malouk” (Aradias Alanytawi) is a Border Collie which was born in the German region Eifel in December 2010. He also has lots of fun at Dogdance and Treibball competitions.

The youngest one of our team is “Monty” (Awehro o Kuri) – five months old at the time. He also has already fun to do little dancingsteps.

Merlin and me, we are very happy to have qualified for the OEC 2013 in HTM. Actually we are freestylers and for that OEC will be our first try in HTM. It’s an honor for us to be in the German team.

To all two and four legged competitors we wish lots of fun during preparation time to OEC. I look forward to having a great time with all of you in Burgum and of course to seeing lots of great routines.


The individuals:

Marina Stilkenboom (INDIVIDUAL HTM)

Marina Bikkel

My name is Marina Stilkenboom and I will enter the Heelwork To Music competition with my Schipperke; Bikkel (Johnny the little black devil) who is 2 years old.

I dance for a few years in the Advanced in national and international championships. Together with my husband and daughter we were able to win the World Champion Group title with my toy poodle, who was one year old, in 2008. I also became Dutch Champion Freestyle Novice with my Australian Cattle Dog Morris in 2008. And I became Dutch Champion Freestyle Intermediate, with the same dog, in 2009. With my other Australian Cattle Dog, Bink, I became Dutch Champion of the Advanced in 2009. And I became Dutch Champion Heelwork To Music Overall with my Australian Cattle Dog Morris in 2010. Morris is retired with an age of 13 years old and Bink died a few years ago because of illness.

Right now I will enter the competition with my Schipperke who enters Heelwork competitions for one year at the moment. Bikkel adores the obedience so much that I decided to show his talent in the Heelwork. I am excited to show the world you can do Heelwork with a small dog. I hope you will enjoy our routine just as much as I do. I am proud to be one of the combinations of the German Dog Dance Team.

Cathy Stilkenboom (INDIVIDUAL Reserve HTM)

Cathy En Noppes

My name is Cathy Stilkenboom and I enter the competition in the Heelwork To Music as the Reserve Combination with my Border Collie; Noppes.

When I was young, I got involved with the competitions with my Papillon “Bliksem”. I had many great years with my amazing dog. I watched the sport grow from nothing into a serious sport in the Netherlands. I made it to the Advanced with her and became 2 times Dutch Champion in the Freestyle Groups. In 2008 I became with the same dog World Champion Groups of the WCFO.

Last year I started to dance with my Border Collie Noppes in the Heelwork To Music. Later that year I also started in the Freestyle Advanced. Noppes and I had the honor to become Dutch Champion Heelwork to Music, and Freestyle at the day of the championship of the Federatie Hondensport Nederland (transl. Federation Dog Sports Netherlands). And like that wasn’t enough, I am also able to be the Reserve Combination of the Heelwork To Music at the OEC. I am proud to be one of the combinations of the German Dog Dance Team.


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