The participants from France introduce themselves:

Christiane Gioanni (INDIVIDUAL HTM and INDIVIDUAL Freestyle)

ch gio

Hello! I give you some informations about me and my Aussie: he is 4 years old and is practicing dog dancing since 2 years;We have been at the third place in french championship in freestyle and we are now in advanced category in HTM. I live in mountains near Elsass and I have 7 dogs all different: 1 Labrador 17 years old,2 aussies(1 is 3 years old and the other 4),a french sheperd PICARD, and 2 chihuahuas; I have also 4 donkeys(I try donkey dancing but they are not yet ready!…….). My objectif for these championship is for my dog to get used to competitions with a lot of people and dogs!…and to keep close to the best competiters!

Myriam Alvarez (INDIVIDUAL Freestyle)


Hello, my name is Myriam Alvarez and my dog is called Caveri (Couic for short). Couic is a Lapinkoira, it is 6 years old. I have two other dogs, another Lapinkoira and Pyrenean Sheepdog. I practice dog-dancing since 2009 as a tourist, but now I fell in love with this sport. My other favorite passion is agility since 1997. I am a nurse and I work in psychiatry. So I use my dogs as therapy dogs. I live in Elsass, near Strasbourg. I am very proud to participate to the OEC. I think it will be a good experience for my dog and me. Good luck everybody!

Roger Buonocore (INDIVIDUAL Freestyle)


Hello! My name is Roger Buonocore. My dog is a female Border Collie whose name is Cookies. She is 6 years old and lives with 2 other Border collies, Husky and Sheep. I’ve been performing in Dog Dancing since 2004. We live in the South of France, in a sunny country. We are in a hurry to be with you all. See you soon!!!

Aurélie Devulder


Hello, my name is Aurélie Devulder and my dog, Divine is a chihuahua. We come from Ile de France, Seine et Marne. Divine with her 5 years, she is the oldest of a pack of four other chihuahuas and a Shetland shepherd, who also starts in oberythmée. Divine and I have started competitions oberythmée in 2010, in 2012 to my delight we were on the advanced Grand Prix France podium. The OEC will be Divine and my last competition before she will go on a nice long retirement. I am very excited to participate in this competition and to meet all the beautiful teams from all over the world.


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