Jette Haastrup (Freestyle)

Jette with Addi - FS

My name is Addi. I´m a 8 year old wirehaired female dachshund and have participated in HTM freestyle since 2008 with my very good friend and owner Jette Haastrup. Since then I have achieved to become freestyle champion in Sweden and in Denmark. I have also been so lucky, that I have participated in international competitions with the national Danish HTM/Freestyle team 9 times – this OEC 2013 competition included. Jette and I are looking forward to the OEC 2013 competition, the good atmosphere in the competition and to meet you all.

Johanna Allanach (Freestyle)

johanna with soda  FS

Soda is a Danish and Swedish Freestyle Champion. In 2012 she became Norwegian Freestyle Champion and the first Nordic Freestyle Champion. Soda has competed at every Nordic Championship and 2008-2012, been in all the finals and in 2011 won Individual Bronze. In 2010 and 2012 she represented Denmark at Crufts in the International Freestyle competition and she competed in the Agria Elite Championships in Sweden in 2012 and 2013. Soda is a Rally Obedience Champion, has titles in obedience and enjoys agility. Soda also enjoys visiting schools, teaching kids how to behave around dogs for the Danish Kennel Club project “ Barn & Hund”.

Emmy Marie Simonsen (Freestyle)

Emmy with Hero - FS Emmy with Biscuit - FS

I performed my first Dog Dancing routine in 1998 with my Rough Collie Kiri and I have loved the sport ever since. I am involved with the sport on many levels and enjoying it all, but the best part is of course to dance with my own dogs. I have3 dogs – 2 Border Collies and a Sheltie – and 2 of them will be at the OEC with me. Hero is a 3 years old Border Collie dog. Still a young dog, still learning and still gaining experience, but he is a lovely boy – so keen and motivated. Working with him always makes me smile – he is such a wonderful happy dog.

Biscuit is an 8 years old sheltie. He is very experienced and has performed at numerous championships and events, but he was badly injured earlier this year, when he was bitten by a bigger dog, so for a while I was afraid that his career would end here. Thanks to wonderful vets, he has recovered fully and I can’t wait to get into the OEC ring with him and do what we love to do.

Thank you Esther and Grietje, for all of your hard work. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Holland.

Annette Klink Dalgaard (Freestyle reserve)

Annette with Gucci - FS reserve

My name is Annette Klink Dalgaard –I haves been a part of this lovely sport since 2005 with several dogs. For OEC I have been chosen as a reserve for the Danish freestyle team with my 10 year old Sheltie Gucci. She is homebred and is a very determent “lady” – she works for me, when she likes to! Gucci is also doing rally obedience and agility to some extend – at least for fun.

Sidsel R. Lauridsen (HTM)

sidsel with wave HTM

I got my first Border Collie Wave from England when she was 4 months old, and shortly thereafter we started training HTM. When she was 11 months old we participated in our first HTM competition with a routine to the theme song from Ghost Busters. Wave enjoyed doing HTM right from the beginning. She loves to work close to me and is very focused on doing everything right. She is a dream to work with. When she was 1 ½ years old we performed as ‘White Dog’ at the first OEC, which was held in Denmark in 2011. In 2012, a few days after she turned two, we were invited to be a part of the Danish HTM National Team for the first time. This meant that we competed at the World Cup in Austria doing a routine to a song from Pocahontas. In 2013 Wave achieved the title Danish HTM Champion.

Beside HTM Wave has done some Shows. At two years old in 2012 she achieved the title Danish Show Champion. In 2013 I showed her at Crufts. We also do Rally Obedience, and this year we are competing at the Danish National Championship in the Rally beginner class. On a daily basis Wave is a family dog that lives with my husband and I, our two kids and our Icelandic sheepdog. Wave is my special dog with the little white ear. I am so proud the Wave and I are going to represent the Danish HTM Team at the OEC 2013, and I look forward to the great experience.

Helle Larssen (HTM)

Helle Larssen

I have 3 Border Collies. The 2 girls Jazz and Doggie are both competing in advanced HTM and have both qualified for the Danish OEC team. The boy Cookie used to compete in HTM and Freestyle, but he thinks that work is highly overrated, so he has retired and is now enjoying life as our family pet. I am honored to have been chosen to represent my country at this Championship and I am looking forward to seeing you all in Holland.

Anja Christiansen (HTM)

Anja withQueeny HTM

Queeny and I have been doing heelwork to music since she was a puppy. We have also done a little bit of freestyle. Queeny is a Danish heelwork to music Champion and became the first Norwegian Heelwork to music Champion in may 2013. Queeny is a Rally Obedience Champion and really enjoys agility.

Queeny and I have had the honour of representing Denmark at the OEC in 2011 in Denmark and in Prague 2012. We are looking so much forward to see you all in the ring. Good luck everybody!!!!

Sonja Ordell Johannesen (HTM reserve)


I have been training and competing in HTM and Freestyle with my pomeranian cross Tyson since 2009. Tyson is 6 years old, and I got him when he was a little over a year. He is a clever little dog and loves learning new things. He is my first dog, and before I got him I didn’t know anything about dog sports, but he got me hooked, as it is so much fun working with him. Besides doing HTM/Freestyle we also train and compete in agility and sometimes in rally-obedience.

Tyson competes in the advanced class in both HTM and Freestyle. Up until the fall of 2012 we mostly focused on Freestyle, though. We were on the Danish team in Freestyle at the OEC in 2011 and 2012 – both were inspiring experiences. However, I have been struggling with Tyson’s tendency to bark in the ring for several years, and when he barked throughout a large part of our routine at the OEC in 2012, I decided that we needed a break from Freestyle. I chose instead to focus on HTM, which doesn’t bring out his barking to the same extent. We were reserves on the Danish team in HTM at the OEC in 2011, but as I never gave the HTM training a very high priority, I never felt that we were all that good. However, we have been working really hard since last fall to get better at it, and I am very proud that all the training has paid off and we have been chosen to be reserves on the Danish team in HTM at this OEC.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I am sure will be a great experince with my Danish team mates and with all the other contestants. See you all in Burgum!

*** Unfortunately Sonja had to withdraw from the competition, due to an injury of Tyson. The OEC wishes Tyson a speedy recovery!


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