Czech Republic

Czech team is looking forward to the OEC 🙂

Vanda Gregorová & Brandy (HTM and Freestyle)

vanda and brandy

Brandy is very clever and precise australian shepherd, these two “girls” are probably the most famous member of our team.

Daniela Šišková & Rori (HTM and Freestyle)

daniela and rori

Rori loves dancing very much, she will enjoy her return to the OEC because last year she had other duties – maternity 😉

Šimona Drábková & Rika (HTM)


Rika is really charismatic dog, she is dark black, very “leggy” and her movements are very graceful.

Vanda Gregorová & Daisy (Freestyle)

vanda and daisy

Daisy is the smallest member of our team, but probably with the funniest movements and routines.

Lucie Smolíková & Angel (Freestyle)

lucie and angel

Angel has really difficult role, because he is only one “man” in our team, but he is a real gentleman, so it won´t be problem for him to taking care of the ladies part 🙂

Andrea Šišková (teamleader)


Andrea is also clever, she likes dancing, is charismatic and has also a few funny movements , she is gentle as well. So we are sure, that she will be great teamleader :)))


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