Linda De Smet (Freestyle)


My name is Linda De Smet. 12 years ago, I started Canine Freestyle with my 2,5 years old Golden Retriever Yazouke. He passed away this year, just before he turned 14 years old. I’m very grateful to my Yazouke. Thanks to this hobby, I’ve discovered that you can achieve a lot with love with your dogs. It’s difficult to express in words how strong the bond between me and my dogs has become thanks to this sport. I have 2 Border Collies with whom I do Canine Freestyle. My 1st Border Collie Eby of Sun Loch Valley is the mother of my 2nd Border Collies Sharilin Gijsje. Both have won lots of great prizes in Belgium. Both Eby and Gijsje were selected for the OEC 2013 and I’ve chosen to participate to this wonderful competition with Eby of Sun Loch Valley. Eby has also participated to the 1st WK in Denmark where we’ve obtained a nice 5th place. In 2011, we’ve participated to Crufts and we’ve obtained a fantastic 2nd place. In 2012 we were selected for Belgium’s Got Talent and we’ve achieved a very good 3rd place in the semi-finals. I’ve learned and achieved a lot in this canine sport thanks to my mother Elisa Verschueren (my trainer). We are very happy that we can participate to this wonderful competition. I wish everyone a lot of success and lots of fun !!!

Jules O’Dwyer (HTM and Freestyle)



I’m Jules O’Dwyer and will be competing with my brown boys Matisse & Chase again this year at this wonderful event. This will be our third OEC, this year a lot closer to home for us…by our neighbours in Holland. We are looking forward to meeting up with the other competitors & teams again, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I consider myself privilaged to have been a part of our sport since the very beginning, sharing its progress over the years into a recognised dog sport. The fact that so many countries now take part is fabulous…who would have dreamed it so many years ago… It is one of the few sports where you can achieve top level with your dog, regardless of breed & speed…a dog sport for all, from kids to pensioners. I would like to personally thank all the pioneers, who worked so hard to offer lessons, create instructors, arrange shows & courses & support newcomers over the years. It is thanks to the hard work & determination of these foundation freestyle fanatics that the sport has been put on the map in so many countries. It is an honour to again represent Belgium with my ‘airheads’, I’m sure they will enjoy the atmosphere and extra attention, and in the ring, they will have fun as usual… Good luck to my fellow team mates, and of course all other competitors..also to our Coach Christine…we simply couldn’t do it without her.. Thanks in advance to our Dutch organisers…Have a super successful event.. Lets get the party started!

Greetings Jules

Luc Daems (Freestyle & HTM Reserve)


Christiane Hanchir (HTM)




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  1. I also support team Belgium 🙂 since a girl have to follow her heart right?


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