We have invited the following three judges to come and judge at the OEC 2013:

Johanna Saariluoma (Finland) – Head judge (1st judge)
Wies Koelewijn (Netherlands)
Claudia Moser (Switzerland)

We have asked all ladies to introduce themselves:

Johanna Saariluoma

(c) katjakoskela.kuvat.fi

I’m Johanna Saariluoma, a HTM & Freestyle judge from Finland. I have been a freestyle enthusiast since 2002 and have competed freestyle since 2004. My previous dance partner was an Icelandic sheepdog called Panda who taught me a lot about dogs and training. She is recently retired from the sport. At the moment I have a bordercollie “Kinna” growing in my hands. I have trained a variety of other dog sports also: agility, obedience and tracking – but freestyle has been my favourite sport throughout all these years. I have also competed HTM with both of my dogs and I just love making HTM routines! My background is in synchronized skating, so I tend to love precision and fluency also in freestyle & HTM routines. At best this sport can combine the best sides of performing arts and high-quality dog training – a combination I never grow tired of watching! I have been judging since 2005 and teaching freestyle classes since 2004. I’m very grateful to all my trainees for giving me the possibility to work with more different kinds of dogs than I’ll ever be able to own throughout my entire life. I wish that you all will have a great day competing in the OEC competition and can be happy and proud of yourselves and your dogs after the routine –  since that’s what it’s all about!

Wies Koelewijn

foto wies

I am Wies Koelewijn, dogdancing  for 12 years now…  to me it is the most difficult dogsport there is. It challenges me to improve my trainingskills and really bond with my dogs! I am judging dogdance competitions for 8 years now and I have seen the standard rise and rise. I am still amazed of what people can create with their dogs! Sometimes so funny and sometimes very emotional… I am honoured to judge europes finest dogdancers at the oec!! Looking forward to see what you will show me!

Claudia Moser


Hi, my name is Claudia Moser and I am a Dogdance-judge from Switzerland. About 12 years ago I first saw a Dogdance routine, but that was all it took form e to fall in love with this sport! I started training and later competing with my neighbours dog Lara. She taught me a  lot about positive training methods and I am still greatful that I was able to learn from her. I now dance with my three dogs Tilly, Kerry and Ria, everyone a different character and challenge ;-). With Tilly I am lucky to have a wonderful dancing partner, together with her I had many wonderful moments in the Dogdance-Ring, and being able to compete at the OEC 2012 in Prague was definitely one of them. Tilly always loves to perform and it’s a joy to dance with her, so although she is now retired, we will still compete in Seniors for hopefully many more years. Kerry my Tibetan Terrier has been a difficult dog to work with, she taught a lot about motivation. She is a fun dog with lots of attitude, altough not always in my favour ;-). Ria is my youngest dog, she is fast and loud, so working with her is again a different challenge but I am looking forward to our Dogdance-journey… Freestyle combines the best of dog training with performance and always touches the audience in many different ways. For me a good routine always combines creativity, emotions and good training skills. I love happy dogs and handlers with attitude, that manage to touch me in some way. I feel very honoured to be invited to judge the OEC in Burgum and I am already looking forward to many fantastic and inspiring routines. Until then, I wish all teams lots of fun and creativity preparing their routines! See you in Burgum!


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