Organisors and helpers

Organisors and competition leaders


Grietje and Esther

The OEC 2013 is being organised by Esther Niemeijer and Grietje Wagenaar, under the name of the Dutch dog dancing Alliance; the Nederlandse Dog Dance Bond (NDDB). Both Esther and Grietje have been active in the dog dancing sport for many years and have competed at both the previous OEC’s. Esther and Grietje: we are looking forward to seeing all of you in Holland, and we will do our very best to make this OEC an unforgettable experience for everyone!


We would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of our helpers! The helpers who will be part of the OEC team on the days of the competition (sorry, not everyone has been introduced here…):

Hilda Riksma and Renske Zeemans


My name is Hilda Riksma. In daily life I am working as a salary administrator. I have followed some lessons dog dancing at dogtraining “Behave” from Grietje Wagenaar together with our border terrier. She asked me to track the scores during the championship. It’s an honour for me to do that! I am looking forward to it. Let it be a sporting contest. Good luck all of you!

Secretary assistent
Ruben de Jong 

Maaike Vlieger and Aeltje Walsma


My name is Maaike Vlieger. On Saturday I will be one of the speakers. I am looking forward to it! Good luck to you all!

Ring stewards
Saturday: Martina Evenhuis and Jozé Silkens, Sunday: Marina Delsink and René Delsink 

Christiaan Visser 

Nicole Wagenaar & restaurant Time-Out

Erwin Mulder 

First Aid
Natasja Meulenkamp

Jessica Kempes

Camera (DVDs)
Peter Heeringa

Camera Team live stream
Mark de Jong (camera), Durk Postma (camera), Robert Veenstra (camera), Peter (screen technician) and Suzan Zwerver (director)

Cor David, Margreet Oerlemans, Francis Vronik
, Joka v/d Mee, Fenna Goselink and Janny Drost and many more…


Hello, everyone,

This weekend the OEC finally has come! We are Fenna Goselink en Janny Drost and we are two of the helpers at the OEC. We have a stand with (ordered) caps. It is also possible to buy a nice cap here too. Our stand will be placed at the entrance of the Sporthal, near the ticketbox. We will make the stand as orange as possible, so you should recognize it easily! Because we can’t be at the stand the whole time (we will be selling tickets as well), here’s a photo of both of us.

When Fenna is on duty, she will be wearing an orange cap. When Janny is on duty, she will be wearing a navy coloured cap with a silhouette of a dancing Retriever.

We hope you will enjoy the weekend! See you at the OEC 2013 at Burgum, Holland!!


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