Some information about Friday’s schedule (September 27th):

Opening time of the hall

We will set up the ring and make the hall ready for the competition on Friday morning. The hall will be opened for competitors from 11:00. You can then bring in all of your stuff (crates, props, etc) and place them in your team’s dressing room. We will asign the dressing rooms according to the number of dogs per team. There will be some sharing, since we only have 8 rooms. We will try to have an equal amount of room for every competitor. Crates/props may NOT be placed anywhere else in the hall!

Training times

You can find the schedule for Friday’s training times below. We have divided the teams into 11 groups. Every group will get 20 minutes of training time. There will be a ring steward to keep track of time. The times below are estimated times; there will probably be a few minutes extra in between to make sure every team gets 20 minutes. Remember: NO FOOD in the competition ring at any time. You can use food in the warming-up area next to the ring.

Group 1: Holland (12:30 – 12:50)
Group 2: Belgium (12:50 – 13:10)
Group 3: Germany (13:10 – 13:30)
Group 4: Denmark (13:30 – 13:50)
Group 5: Sweden (13:50 – 14:10)
Group 6: Great Britain (14:10 – 14:30)
Group 7: Russia (14:30 – 14:50)
Group 8: Czech Republic + Austria (14:50 – 15:10)
Group 9: France + Japan (15:10 – 15:30)
Group 10: Finland + Norway (15:30 – 15:50)
Group 11: Switzerland + Slovakia (15:50 – 16:10)

When the team before you is training in the competition ring, you can get ready in the warming-up area. This to make sure things run smoothly and we don’t loose too much time changing teams. It might seem logical, but: please keep your dog to yourselves at all times. Not all dogs like other dogs.

Please hand over your music CD / MP3 to our DJ about 20 minutes before your training time starts, so it can be tested during your training time. Please also bring a CD / MP3 with your national anthem!


The briefing will be held after training, at 17:00. The briefing will take place in the ring. If you have any questions, you can ask them at the briefing. We will give you a tour through the building as well at this time, so you can see where everything is. We will tell you where you should enter/exit the ring, etc. Please don’t bring your entire team to the briefing, since a briefing for 100 people would be somewhat chaotic, so please ONLY send your team leader or a maximum of 2 persons per country.

Official opening and tour through the town center

The official opening/welcoming of the OEC will take place at restaurant ‘The Pleats’, in the town center of Burgum. We will gather here at 18:00. Local press will be there to take pictures for newspapers. The Pleats lies only a few minutes from the competition location. You can park almost next to the Pleats, or walk there from the hall (we will provide a printed route). We would like to invite all participants and team leaders to come to this opening, in your team clothing (if you have any). Please bring a flag of your country as well. You can bring your dog(s) too, if you want. You will be served a welcoming drink and the major of Burgum will say a welcoming word. After the official welcoming we will take you on a short tour through the town center, visiting some shops who might have something special for you… The tour will probably take 20 minutes or so. After the tour we will head back, for the team dinner.

Team dinner

After the tour we head back to the competition location for the team dinner, which starts at around 19:30. The dinner will take place at the restaurant ‘Time Out’, which lies in the competition hall. During the dinner, the running orders will be drawn by the judges. The dinner might also be a good time to exchange your team’s good Luck cards / presents. If you haven’t reserved a seat for the dinner, please do so before September 21. More info about the dinner here: Team dinner.