Ok, here are some statistics!

We have 90 competing routines – 41 HTM and 49 Freestyle

We have 14 reserve routines – 7 HTM and 7 Freestyle

So, if everyone performes their routine and/or demo round, we will see 58 routines on Saturday (41 + 10 + 7), and 66 routines on Sunday (49 + 10 + 7). Aren’t the judges going to be busy! And the audience, clapping and cheering!

The routines will be performed by 78 individual handlers (reserves included)

Out of the 78 handlers, 5 of them are male and 73 are female

The participants are coming from 15 different countries (16, if you count Russia and Azerbaijan as two)

There will be 9 countries eligable for the HTM Team Championship and 10 countries for the Freestyle Team Championship

We will have 90 individual dogs competing *

We will have 31 breeds/crossbreeds represented

A list of dog breeds and numbers:

Border Collie (44)
Australian Shepherd (7)
Shetland Sheepdog (3)
Belgian Shepherd, malinois (3)
Mixed breed (3)
Golden Retriever (2)
Dobermann (2)
Chihuahua (2)
White Swiss Shepherd (2)
Smooth Collie
Dutch Shepherd
German Shepherd
Belgian Shepherd, Laekenois
Belgian Shepherd, Tervueren
Dwarf Poodle
Miniature Schnauzer
Alaskan Malamute
Epagneul Nain Continental Papillon
West Highland White Terrier
Wirehaired Dachshund
Parson Russel Terrier
Working Sheepdog
Bearded Collie
Berger Pyrenees
Australian Kelpie
Lagotto Romagnolo

* Reserve dog from Russia yet to be announced

The youngest dog in the competition was born on March 15, 2012 (just over 18 months old on the day of the competition)

The oldest dog in the competition was born on April 1, 2001 (almost 12,5 years old on the day of the competition)