What is it?

The OEC meeting is held in connection with the OEC. Up to two representatives from the competing countries will meet and discuss next year’s OEC and/or if there need to be rule changes in the OEC rules. Rules can only be changed if 50% or more of the participating representatives vote for the changes. Rule changes agreed one year will come into force at the following year’s OEC.

OEC meeting 2013

This year’s OEC meeting will take place on Saturday, September 28th, after the HTM competition. The meeting will take place at the competition hall and shall be lead by Emmy Simonsen from Denmark. Details of timing and precise location of the meeting will follow.

Items for the agenda

We would like to ask each country to send in their items for the agenda to: estherniemeijer@hotmail.com. You can send in your items for the agenda until September 14. The complete agenda will be posted on this website after that time.