We have been getting some questions about the obligatory vaccinations for dogs visiting or participating at the OEC. Some information:

According to Dutch law, all foreign dogs must be vaccinated against rabies when entering Holland. This vaccination is obligatory and proof of valid vaccination may be asked for at the Dutch border, as well as at the OEC.

Then there are the vaccinations against the so-called ‘regular infectious diseases’. In Holland dogs are standardly being vaccinated for the following infectious diseases:

1. Canine Distemper
2. HCC (Hepatitis Contagiosa Canis; infectious liver disease)
3. Parvovirus
4. Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease)

The OEC organisors strongly suggest that you have your dog vaccinated against the above diseases, since they are known to exist in Holland and are infectious to other dogs (and in some cases, humans). Especially Leptospirosis is very common in the area that the OEC is being held (lots of watery areas). All four diseases mentioned can cause serious illness to your dog. So, to make sure your dog is protected, we advise you to have your dog vaccinated. Not vaccinating your dog will be entirely at your own risk.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the OEC organisation by sending an e-mail to Esther Niemeijer: estherniemeijer@hotmail.com