At this moment we are still awaiting the municipal permit for the event, but we already wanted you all to have an impression of the OEC venue. So here are a couple of pictures that show the venue – sports center ‘de Westermar’ – and it’s surroundings:


The entrance to the sports center

The competition area (30 x 40m)

Audience seating area. There is room for about 700 spectators.

One of the team dressing rooms / crating areas. Each has their own toilet and mirror(s). There are 8 rooms like this in total.

Another view of the same dressing room / crating area as above.

The restaurant area, where you can get food and drinks during all three days. Both the team diner and the OEC meeting will be held here as well.

The field behind the hal, where you can walk your dog(s). Please make sure to pick up after your dog, to keep the field clean.

The parking area, with plenty of room for mobile homes, caravans, etc. Please note: it is not allowed to stay here overnight.