Hello everyone,

Welcome to the official website for the Open European Heelwork to Music & Freestyle Championships 2013, which will be held in Burgum, The Netherlands, September 28/29, 2013. *

* Still awaiting municipal permit

On this website you will be able to find all information concerning the OEC 2013, as soon as it’s available. On this opening page you will find all the recent posts/updates in chronological order (newest posts on top). To make it easier for you to find particular posts back, just click on the buttons on top of the website to go to the category in question, and there you will find the posts belonging to that category.

If you need help finding anything, and/or if you have any other questions regarding the OEC 2013, please contact Esther Niemeijer, by sending an e-mail (in Dutch or English) to: estherniemeijer@hotmail.com

The OEC 2013 will be organised by the Dutch dogdancing organisation, the Nederlandse Dog Dance Bond (NDDB). The organisation team is looking forward to seeing you all in Holland! We hope that together we will be able make the OEC 2013 a great succes!

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